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2021-08-25 16:16

What is a household energy storage system


What is a household energy storage system?


Home Energy Storage System (ESS)

is the conversion of power from an electric system or photovoltaic energy system into a state of chemical energy stored in a battery so that it can be converted into electrical energy for use at any time

What types of Household Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are available

Household Energy Storage Systems are currently divided into two types,

1.grid-connected home energy storage systems home energy storage systems.

What goes into a home energy storage system

The grid-connected Household Energy Storage System consists of five parts, including solar panels, grid-connected inverter, BMS management system, battery pack and AC load. The system adopts a hybrid power supply of PV and energy storage system.

The grid-connected Household Energy Storage System  can actively choose to be powered by the PV system or by the grid company's electricity, depending on the electricity consumption

The off-grid Household Energy Storage System is independent and does not have any electrical connection to the grid. Therefore, except for the PV inverter, the entire system does not require a grid-connected inverter.

What services SPBATT can provide about HESS

SPBATT is able to customize a suitable Household Energy Storage System solution according to the different needs of the customer.


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