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2021-08-25 15:57

Trends in the energy storage battery industry

1,Lithium-ion battery is the primary technical route of electrochemical energy storage
According to the incomplete statistics of the Energy Storage Committee of the China Energy Research Association and the Global Energy Storage Project Bank, by the end of 2020, pumped storage accounted for 90.3% of the world's energy storage projects, while electrochemical energy storage accounted for 7.5%, ranking second. As pumped storage has more significant spatial limitations, electrochemical energy storage is beginning to emerge. In the technical route of electrochemical energy storage, lithium-ion batteries are the main technical form of electrochemical energy storage; in 2020, the market share of lithium-ion batteries reached 92%, sodium-sulfur batteries and lead batteries accounted for an equal share of 3.6% and 3.5%, respectively, and liquid flow batteries for 0.7%.
2, the installed scale of energy storage is rising faster
2015-2017, the global electrochemical energy storage industry growth is slow, the annual scale of new installations in 1GW below, 2018-2020, the global electrochemical energy storage market new installed capacity to enlarge, of which, the number of new installations in 2020 reached 4.73GW, the cumulative number of installed capacity reached 14.25GW This represents a year-on-year growth of 50 percent.
3, grid-side demand in electrochemical energy storage downstream accounted for the most significant proportion
The downstream of electrochemical energy storage is mainly divided into user side, grid side and power generation side, user side demand is mainly divided into power self-generation, peak-valley spread arbitrage, etc.; grid side demand is mainly for system frequency regulation, alleviate grid blockage, etc.; power generation side demand is mainly for power peaking and renewable energy to the grid. Among them, the grid side demand is the largest, accounting for 42%, power generation side demand accounted for 30%, the user side demand accounted for 28%.
4, China is the world's largest energy storage battery market
According to the data published by GGII, from 2016 to 2020, the global demand for energy storage batteries grew at a fast rate, with a compound annual growth rate of 37.35%. In 2020, the global demand for energy storage batteries will be 26.7 GWh, an increase of 51.7%.
According to the distribution of energy storage projects in operation, China, the United States and Europe is the primary market of global energy storage, in 2020, the full scale of an electrochemical new operation in the three regions accounted for 86% of the total scale of the global new operation, of which, China's energy storage battery market accounted for the largest share, accounting for 33%.
The global energy storage battery market will maintain high growth.
Benefiting from the global strategic deployment of carbon neutrality and the declining trend of energy storage project costs, coupled with the urgent demand for optical storage projects and long-term energy storage, the global energy storage battery market will maintain a stable growth trend. With global demand for energy storage batteries expected to reach US$211.9 billion GWh in 2026, this market is proliferating.
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