Lithium Battery Manufacturer in China|Household Energy Storage System(ESS)Solution Provider-SPBATT

Company Profile

Eastsun Development Limited, as a professional lithium batteries supplier, has been focusing on supplying solution for Solar Energy Storage System(ESS) for household and industrial applications developing and manufacturing high quality power batteries for Forklift, AGV, Golf Cart, Sightingseeing Cart, Sweeper, E-boat, E-bike, etc with brand SPBATT®.
With backup of the factory Shenzhen Tectronnic Technology Co.,LTD and Huizhou Super Polypower Battery Co., Ltd which has advanced and automated production line and 8 years’ experience in lithium battery industry, we have the ability to provide one-stop solutions for domestic and foreign customers. Our products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions with international high standards. Managed  under ISO9001 and ISO14001 system, we supply high quality products to meet the market, even exceed other similar lithium electronic batteries supplier with our higher technical standard and safe performance. 

Advanced LFP technology: the advanced Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) technology in 16 series makes the battery to have the most dependable and safest performance. 
Advanced BMS system: the built-in BMS system integrates with multilevel safety features to make it safer and have long lifespan, which can communicated with host computer through RS232 interface.
LED Indicator: the LED indicator is lighting on when working which help to know the working performance of powerwall.
Low Power Consumption Setting: the powerwall will enter sleep mode automatically when it does not work to save energy.
Work with Branded Inverter: work with different branded inverter such as Schneider/Victron/Goodwe/EAST/KSTAR/Growatt/

Easy installation: 20% lighter than 32650 cell, easy and convenient for installation by single person.

Aerosol fire extinguisher design: patented Aerosol Fire Extinguisher with multi-signal detection for safety and 9 years warranty.

APP monitor: APP monitor and can connect to the smart home system.
For power backup to supply clean and safe power all around in fewer saving, SPBATT energy storage system is professional.